Self-erecting cranes are ideal for small construction sites because they are fast and easy to erect and operate Within a short period of time. this Cranes is normally operated using a crane remote control. Compass Equipment offers all Potain self-erecting tower crane series throughout the southwest, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Texas, and Utah.

 our self-erecting cranes have been professionally maintained and are in excellent working condition. Our expertise can help you choose the right crane for your project, as well as provide extensive support and technical assistance.

Self Erecting Tower Cranes are best suited for a light frame structure It will improve productivity by delivering the material exactly to point of use thus reducing additional labour costs.

Potain IGO 21

Potain IGO MA21

Potain HUP 32/27

Potain HD40A

Potain HUP 40-30 Site Prepration

Potain HUP 40-30 Reaction

Potain HUP 40-30 Power Supply

Potain HUP 40-30 Base Dimensions

Potain HUP 40-30 Data Sheet

Potain LGO 50 Date Sheet

Potain LGO 50 Product Guide

Potain LGO 50 Data Sheet

HDT80 Site Preparation

Potain HDT80 Power Supply

Potain HDT80 Clearance

Potain HDT80 Data Sheet

Potain HDT80 Product Guide

Potain LGO T85

Potain LGO T85A Base

Potain LGO T85A Product Guide

Potain LGO T85A Data Sheet

Potain T130 Site Preparation

Potain T130 Reaction

Potain T130 Power Supply

Potain T130 Base

Potain LGO T130 Data Sheet

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