About Us

Compass Equipment was founded in mid-2007 with one crane and one employee. To date, we have brick and mortar operations in five states and have diversified into several areas to support the construction industry.

Compass Equipment is a turn-key provider of planning & logistics for material hoisting, vertical personnel transport for commercial construction, and heavy, oversized equipment hauling.

Our mission is to become the premier provider of material and personnel hoisting.

Compass Equipment’s passionate team members provide hoisting equipment with a focus on developing long-term relationships with our customers and vendors.  We strive to create excitement and prosperity to everyone involved with Compass Equipment.

Modern and well-maintained equipment, combined with trained and dedicated operational, technical and mechanical staff help to ensure maximum efficiency, safe and continual operation, and the achievement of scheduled construction milestones.

Our planning and engineering department can assist you in estimating your projects with layout and pre-construction related issues, site logistics and post-construction obstacles, and maximum overall project efficiency related to hoisting and personnel transport.

Our certified trainers can offer safety training for our customers on an individual, or classroom scale environment.

We welcome the challenge of working with your company as your comprehensive vertical hoisting partner.

Contact Us

    Compass Equipment is the leader in Materials and Personnel Hoisting. Please fill out the form above for more information on how we can support your next project. You may also contact us at 480-436-5108.