Application Design & Engineering

Application Design & Engineering

Compass Equipment has a dedicated design and engineering firm that utilizes the very latest software to bring the conceptual usage of all of our rental products to life. We are able to show the most intricate detail down to each bolt, every tie-in detail and how our equipment will fit on your project.

This element of our customer service really takes the guesswork out of placement and unforeseen issues, well before the installation process begins. Compass Equipment also will create and stamp any lift plan or rigging engineering for the most simple or complex projects. As a complement to our dedicated sales team, the Design & Engineering Firm of Compass Equipment truly drives home our commitment to your project and it efficiency and success.

We utilize AutoCAD & 3D – Revit modeling to comb over every last detail of the placement, capacities, radii, thus ensuring that the equipment is not only the best suited for your jobsite but also the most efficient to handle all of your hoisting needs.

Other Services

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  • Operated and Maintained

    Operated and Maintained Compass Equipment offers Operated and Maintained service as the safest and most efficient method to fulfil your hoisting needs.