Everyone at Compass Equipment actively engages in the sales process on a daily basis. We do have full-time, dedicated individuals that represent the “sales team” in the traditional sense but all of our team members are considered part of the sales team. Whether their specific job title categorizes them as an operator, a manager or the CEO; everyone at Compass Equipment is focused on the success and satisfaction of each customer and strives to exceed their needs. Compass Equipment is focused on delivering the most cost-effective, safe & productive collaboration from all of its employees to all of its clients & partners.

Our Sales team will assist you in managing your risk and increase your jobsite productivity. We use the most state-of-the-art software to assist you gathering all of the information needed to bid a job effectively and produce a product you will surly come back for. Compass Equipment’s sales team also includes a full-time design and engineering firm that will truly meet all of your needs.

Each project that Compass Equipment works on, has a full time Project Manager (PM), regardless of project size or duration. We feel that the customer service that surrounds each venture is critical to its success and thus all of our clients receive nothing but the highest level of communication and customer service possible.

Please click here to get immediate information to a sales person assigned to your region:

Stephen Parker
Cell: 720-326-4112

Robert Ferrara
Cel: 480-370-9109 Nevada:
Ray Bellamy
Cell: 702-280-9716

Mike Roddick
Cell: 970-209-1250

Michael Herget
Cell: 480-242-4668

Stephan Parker
Cell: 720-326-4112

Ray Bellamy
Cell: 702-280-9716

Tate Dollar
Cell: 210-319-9179


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